Upcoming Events


Shelly is volunteering to co-ordinate a presbytery wide “virtual” service for use within the presbytery. It will be a complete worship service that involves all of the clergy of the presbytery who are interested in offering leadership. Each “part” will be filmed in our own churches. Clergy are asked to let Shelly know by February 28th if they would like to take part, and if they wish to just provide an “audio” recording of their voice, or a video recording. Shelly will then forward you your “part” for the service to you with a deadline of when it needs to be submitted. (ie. a prayer, scripture reading, call to worship etc.). This service will then be available for all churches in the presbytery for use any Sunday after Easter. It will provide an opportunity for us to “see in each other’s churches”, and to meet the various clergy of the presbytery. It will also provide a Sunday of a little less work for clergy who may be getting a little “zoomed out.”
Program and Capital Grants

Springtime marks an important deadline for our program and capital grant programs. Applications for the following grants must be received by April 15, 2021, to be considered during the spring review:

• The New and Renewed Ministry Fund
• Avondbloem Experimental Fund
• Chisholm Fund
• McBain-Barker Small Community Capital Fund
• Special Projects Fund

The design team of the 2021 General Assembly is inviting choirs, bands, ensembles, and soloists from The Presbyterian Church in Canada to submit music videos for the upcoming online Assembly. Musicians from congregations, theological colleges, camps, or any regional groups are encouraged to submit videos.

Those selected may be used as part of worship or in a concert format during break times. The planning team hopes to gather a wide variety of sounds and styles from across the country. Multiple entries are welcome. The inclusion of photos from your geographical area during the performance is encouraged. The maximum for each recording is five minutes.

Submissions can be made at presbyterian.ca/2021/02/18/videos-ga2021. Videos must be received by April 21, 2021. If you have questions, contact Grace McCreary.