Presbytery interrogatives

Who, What, Where, When and Why is the Presbytery of London?

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Presbytery of London is made up of all active ministers and an equal number of elders
within the geographical bounds of Presbytery. There are 22 charges within the Presbytery.
The meetings of Presbytery are convened by the Moderator who may be either a minister
or a ruling elder.

the Moderator is elected by the members of Presbytery and usually serves for a period
of one year. It is a volunteer position. Ministers who are elected as Moderator
continue to serve within their regular congregations. 

What Presbytery ensure that all churches within its bounds are under the care of a minister.
If your church is without a minister, Presbytery will appoint an interim moderator.

Presbytery oversees the work of all churches within the bounds and provides support
for congregations who are experiencing difficulties. Presbytery is an opportunity
for congregations and ministers to work together to plan and advertise events such
as the Presbytery Hymn Sing, and educational workshops.

Sometimes the Presbytery has to make difficult decisions regarding the life and
ministry of congregations within its bounds. While the court always seeks to hear
the voice of the congregation, ultimately, the decision rests with the court, in
relation to matters of ministry.

Presbytery dues are used to pay for an honorarium for the Clerk and Treasurer. They
also pay travel expenses for those attending Presbytery meetings and for administrative
costs (postage, paper, photocopying, telephone calls, etc) and on occasion employ
contract workers.

Members of Presbytery other than the clerk and Treasurer receive no remuneration
for their work. It is understood in the ordination vows that ministers will participate
in the work of the Presbytery. 

Where The Presbytery of London is made up of all Presbyterian congregations within the
city of London and the surrounding areas. The Presbytery stretches as far north
as Ilderton and as far south as Port Stanley. Our eastern boundary is Belmont and
we extend as far west as New Glasgow. 

When Presbytery has nine regular meetings a year, one in each month except for July,
August and December. Meetings begin at 7:00pm and usually finish around 10:00pm. 

Why We believe that we are stronger when we work together.