The Presbytery of London is made up of 23 churches in 19 pastoral charges.
Information about each congregation is provided below.
Additional information about a congregation can be acquired by visiting the church’s home page (click on the image) or contacting the church office.

Appin Presbyterian Church
54 Wellington Street
Appin, Ontario

Appin, Ontario, Canada

Wellington, New Zealand

Argyle Presbyterian Church
Highway 76
13333 Graham Rd.,
West Elgin
North of West Lorne

Graham Road, West Elgin, Ontario, Canada

Burns Mosa Presbyterian Church
24493 Dundonald Rd
Glencoe, Ontario N0L 1M0

Dundonald Road, Southwest Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

Caradoc Presbyterian Church
8503 Scotchmere Drive,
R.R. #1
Strathroy, Ontario

Scotchmere Drive, Strathroy-Caradoc, Ontario, Canada

Strathroy-Caradoc, Ontario, Canada

Chalmers Presbyterian Church
342 Pond Mills Road
London, Ontario

342 Pond Mills Road, London, Ontario, Canada

Dorchester Presbyterian Church
1669 Richmond Street
Dorchester, Ontario

Dorchester, Ontario, Canada

Duff Largie Presbyterian
ChurchCountyRd. 9
North of Dutton

Largie Road, Dutton/Dunwich, Ontario, Canada

Largie Road, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church
111 Elmwood Avenue East
London, Ontario

111 Elmwood Avenue, London, Ontario, Canada

Glencoe Presbyterian Church
177 Main Street
Glencoe, Ontario

Glencoe, Ontario, Canada

Guthrie Church in Melbourne
606 Brook Street
Melbourne, ON N0L 1T0

Melbourne Airport, Strathroy-Caradoc, Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Knox Presbyterian Church
55 Hincks Street
St. Thomas, Ontario

55 Hincks Street, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Knox Presbyterian Church
35596 Fingal Line
Fingal, Ontario

Fingal Line, Southwold, Ontario, Canada

Knox-St. Andrew's Church
Shackleton Street
Dutton, Ontario

Dutton, Ontario, Canada

New St. James Presbyterian Church
280 Oxford Street East
London, Ontario

Oxford Street West, London, Ontario, Canada

Oakridge Presbyterian Church
970 Oxford Street W
London, Ontario

970 Oxford Street West, London, Ontario, Canada

South Nissouri Presbyterian Church
17358 Oliver Road
West Nissouri, Ontario

Thorndale Road, Thames Centre, Ontario, Canada

Ontario, California

St. George's Presbyterian Church
1475 Dundas Street East
London, Ontario

Dundas Street, London, Ontario, Canada

St. James Presbyterian Church
44936 Ferguson Line
St. Thomas, Ontario

Ferguson Line, Malahide, Ontario, Canada

St. John's Presbyterian Church
238 Colborne Street
Port Stanley, Ontario

Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada

St. John's Presbyterian Church
Wardsville, Ontario

Wardsville, Ontario, Canada

St. Lawrence Presbyterian Church
910 Huron Street
London, Ontario

Huron Street, London, Ontario, Canada

Trinity Community Presbyterian Church
590 Gainsborough Road
London, Ontario

Gainsborough Road, London, Ontario, Canada

Westmount Presbyterian Church
521 Village Green Avenue
London, Ontario

Village Green Avenue, London, Ontario, Canada