How old is an Elder?


There are two kinds of elders within the Presbyterian Church in Canada:teaching
 and ruling elders.Teaching
 are ministers who
convene or "moderate" meetings of session. Session (or Kirk Session) is the name
given to the group of elders in each congregation.

Ruling elders are
elected by the congregation and ordained by God through the minister. They must
be church members in good and regular standing and "be an example to the
believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity." (I Timothy 4:12)

A person of any age who possesses the gifts of eldership and feels called by God
to be an elder may be considered for this position within the church. Elders are
called and ordained for life. In some congregations, they serve for life as
session members. Other congregations have term service eldership where elders
are active for 6 year terms.

What are the Responsibilities of the Session?

  • Provide Leadership– enable
    the congregation to serve and worship Christ to the best of their ability
  • Oversee– all groups and
    organizations within the church
  • Set– the hour and form of
  • Administer – and support a
    program of Christian education
  • Regularly– review the
    membership roll
  • Inform– the congregation of the
    work of the church
  • Control– the use of the church
  • Maintain– >Pastoral Care
  • Admit– people into church
  • Encourage– Stewardship and
  • Arrange– assistance for the