College and University students

The churches throughout our presbytery welcome young adults from our cities’ colleges and university to London and to our congregations. Please join us for worship any Sunday you are able. Many of the city churches will provide transportation to Sunday worship for those without vehicles. Call the individual church offices for more information.

The Synod of Southwestern Ontario, which represents Presbyterian churches in the area, offers several weekend events for young people throughout the year. A leadership training event is held in the fall. In February, young people from across the synod gather for a weekend of fun at Winter Camp. On the long weekend in May, May Camp is held at Camp Kintail for young people 14-25 years in age. For more info on these events or synod P.Y.P.S. (Presbyterian Young People Society) check out their website at

Camp Kintail, the Presbyterian Camp on the shores of Lake Huron, offers summer camp experiences for children and young people and leadership opportunities for young adults. Check out the Kintail website at for additional information.

If you are interested in participating in a mission trip, consider contacting Youth In Mission. This program, run through our national church offices, offers mission experiences for young adults.

Once again, the presbytery will be distributing exam care packages to university and college students in our area. If you know of someone who would appreciate a care package, please contact Rev. Heather Paton at 519-268-3399 or

There are many ways to live out our faith in Christ. In Scripture we are reminded that “faith without works is dead.” In the days ahead, despite the busyness of studies, friends, family and work, put your faith into action. Join us for worship. Get involved in a project that counts with a local congregation. Live out what you believe in your relationships on and off campus. If you want to know more about any of the congregations featured on this web page or if you just need to talk to someone who will listen call the individual church offices. We are here to help you in your faith journey and to walk with you during these post secondary years of education.