New Minister

So, Your Minister is Leaving

It is always difficult when a minister leaves a congregation. It is normal for congregations
to experience grief and to worry about the future.

Presbytery appoints an interim moderator of the session to assist congregations during this time of transition and to help them in their search for a new minister.
There are a number of steps that need to be followed in ‘The Call’ process.
We believe that God’s spirit is active as congregations move through this process
and call a new minister.

1: Presbytery is informed that your minister is leaving.

2: A small team from Presbytery visits the congregation.

3: Presbytery appoints an interim moderator to

  • ensure that pastoral care happens
  • ensure that the pulpit is filled
  • meet with the Board of Managers to assess the financial stability of the congregation
  • moderate Session meetings
  • assist the Search Committee in their work

4: Search Committee is formed to put together the congregational profile, advertise
the position, and look for eligible people to apply for the position.

5: Applications are received and prayerfully considered. One or more candidates
are interviewed by the Search Committee.

6: Normally, one person is recommended by the Search Committee to the Session to
preach for the call (eg. Meet the congregation and lead in Sunday worship).

7: The congregation votes either to call this person as their new minister, or to
continue in their search. All people who are present at the congregational meeting
are invited to sign the call document.

8: Elders visit those not present at the congregational meeting to ask them to support
the congregation’s decision and sign the call document.

9: The candidate is informed of the congregation’s decision.

10: Representatives of the congregation are invited to attend the next Presbytery
meeting to speak in support of the call.

11: After ensuring the strength of the call, Presbytery votes to sustain the call.

12: The call document is forwarded to the candidate’s Presbytery.

13: The candidate’s home Presbytery examines the strength of the call and votes
that it be sustained.

14: The call document is placed in the hands of the candidate and normally it is

15: The induction service is planned and held and the care of the candidate is transferred to his/her new Presbytery.