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Clerk of Presbytery:

Hospital Visitor:

  • Members of the Presbytery of London have supported the ministry of hospital
    pastoral visitation in the city of London for a number of years. This ministry
    is currently provided on a part time basis by our hospital visitor, Douglas
  • Any referral communication with Mr. Bruce is
    confidential and is to be made only with the patient / family's permission.
  • Contact Information:
    • Mr. Douglas Bruce:
    • During week days from 8am to 4pm, please call 519-685-8300 and ask the switch
      board operator to direct your call to the hospital's Spiritual Care office.
      Please leave the referral information with the Spiritual care office assistant,
      along with your name and a telephone number where you can be contacted.
    • For emergency referrals from 4pm to 8am on week days and on weekends please
      contact the hospital at 519-685-6300 and ask for the Spiritual Care on call
      Interfaith Chaplain for the appropriate hospital location.

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